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Friday, October 31, 2014

EDUC 6115 Week 1 Assignment

The content found in the three instructional design blogs I bookmarked today have a lot of information and a varying perspective on what life as an instructional designer might be. Most of the blogs offer ways to “save time” or “become more efficient” in certain areas. The blogs contain lots of information that pertain to the management and construction of proper instructional design techniques. Most of the information on the blogs is there to keep the reader informed but also give them advice on the various situations that might occur in the ID environment. The blogs I chose are the following: 1. The Cathy Moore Blog - 2. IDDblog: Instructional Design Tips, advice, and trends for online and distance learning - 3. The eLearning Coach - The Cathy Moore blog is nicely constructed to really be interactive and interesting. Her main goal in her blog is to make training fun, exciting, interesting and NOT boring. The layout and presentation makes the blog easy to navigate and also very easy to find a topic that might interest you. When you click into her blog you find a ton of great information, usually given in graphs or in charts or in lists etc. I believe this blog gives me an insight into “what an everyday ID has to do” and that is a lot different than just reading a textbook or finding information online in periodicals or articles about ID. I think this type of information will give me a more honest look into what it takes to be a successful instructional designer and give me information that is more pertinent to the day to day operations that one might have to do to become successful. The IDDblog is a great resource because I believe it speaks to me more than the other two because I work in higher education and do counsel online / distance learning students. This blog is easy to read and very easy to navigate just like Cathy Moore’s. I have to say that the IDDblog breaks things down into segments and includes lists that are numbered and easy to follow. The explanations given really give useful tools and information to ID’s who might work or want to work for distance educators. Because the landscape is always changing for distance education having a blog that identifies the major changes and various new ways to be fun and entertaining while training is a huge plus. The eLearning Coach has the most traditional setup I have seen in a blog, it reads like a textbook. It has great information on it but really does not wow you with any special breakdowns or numbered lists, it just gives properly titled information regarding a number of topics. It is a great blog that really has tons of information for future ID’s on how to plan and process what you will be doing while in your ID environment. Information that is very technical with definitely help me while in my online class.

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