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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Week 2 Assignment

Well for this week’s blog assignment we were tasked with finding two articles that were based on what we learned this week which was focused on the brain and learning. I chose two articles that focused on the importance of a brain based learning system in schools and how that focused on teaching and the learning process. The two articles I selected were: 1. Understanding a Brain Based Approach to Learning and Teaching 2. Reinventing Schools Through Brain Based Learning Each article shows the importance of making the learning process meaningful. What does that really mean? Well learning should be more than just memorizing, it should be meaningful and a holistic experience. Basically, we as learners will better understand process and retain information that we learn if we are truly invested in it. We have to make learning fun and understand that there are many different ways to teach at a high level. Today we have to make learning as interactive as possible and with all of the tools at our disposal it should be easy for teachers to find new and exciting ways to challenge, motivate and teach our children. We truly believe that teachers should do that but are they really doing that? It is tough to say because technology is scarce in some states and school systems hardly pay their teachers well enough to really motivate them to put together a curriculum that is innovative and entertaining. These two articles really focus on making the learning experience a memorable one and there are teachers out there who will do that. Being able to create a relaxed, fun and non-threatening environment to learn is something that helps brain based teaching. Usually that takes a teacher who has a good grasp on his or her classroom. With that said the articles really dive into what makes brain based learning so successful and I believe that is why they are two great examples of why they are valuable resources in our current class.

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